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View a complete live demonstration jury trial, all online!

On June 26-27, the Online Courtroom Project completed a full Online Demonstration Jury Trial, testing a civil trial process which included jury summons, online jury questionnaires, juror check-in, voir dire, jury selection, opening statements, direct and cross-examination of witnesses and presentation of demonstrative evidence, closing arguments, jury instructions, and deliberations.


After the process was completed, we received an extraordinary amount of feedback from jurors, judges, and lawyers about the ability of attorneys to effectively conduct voir dire and make good decisions in jury selection, to examine witnesses and present demonstrative evidence, to argue their cases, and for jurors to effectively judge witness credibility and deliberate meaningfully with each other. We learned from the inevitable technical problems that sometimes delayed the proceeding and have started pinpointing the technology and training needed for courts to start implementing online trials as well as for litigators to prepare for these proceedings. 


We are working hard on our report, which will include questionnaire responses from our jurors, feedback from attorneys and judges on the process, as well as recommendations for courts and the legal profession moving forward. We expect the report and the recording to be available the week of July 13th.


For additional information or to request a meeting regarding your court system or jurisdiction, please contact:

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This demonstration trial is sponsored by The Online Courtroom Project (“OCP”), an advisory group of judges, attorneys, researchers, consultants, and technology specialists with experience in thousands of jury trials. The OCP is currently studying the legal, psychological, behavioral, communication, administrative, and technical elements of online courtroom operations for civil and criminal matters. The OCP provides research and recommendations to the courts and the legal profession to improve the efficacy of online operations in all aspects of the civil and criminal litigation process, including pre-trial matters, alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”), and bench and jury trials.

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