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Ensuring Online Justice is Not Virtual Justice

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Our Purpose

The Online Courtroom Project (“OCP”) is an advisory task force on the psychological, behavioral, communication, and technical elements of online courtroom operations for criminal and civil matters. The OCP provides research and recommendations to the courts and the legal profession to improve the efficacy of online operations in all aspects of the criminal and civil litigation process, including but not limited to, pre-trial, alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”), and trial.

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We know we are facing unchartered territory and complicated issues, but there are a lot of available resources and practices that point the way to providing solutions to the current justice bottleneck, and even improving practices in the future. As an interdisciplinary group, we plan to bring thoughtful but expedited wisdom to researching and recommending best practices for online hearings and trials.

Richard Gabriel, President, Decision Analysis, Inc.

Founder of Online Courtroom Project 

Meet the Advisory Board

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Richard Gabriel

President - Decision Analysis, Inc.

Having participated in more than 1,500 trials,  Mr. Gabriel is the co-author of Jury Selection: Strategy and Science and the author of Acquittal: An Insider Reveals the Stories and Strategies Behind Today’s Most Infamous Verdicts about his work on the Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson, Phil Spector, Enron, and Whitewater cases.
Mr. Gabriel is a former President of the American Society of Trial Consultants, worked with Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System, American Board of Trial Advocates, and the National Center for State Courts on national recommendations for implementing Expedited, Summary, and Short Jury Trials, was a committee member on the American Bar Association’s Achieving an Impartial Jury Advisory Group, and is an advisor to the Civil Jury Project at NYU Law School.

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