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FREE Online Summit

 November 13th and 20th

Follow up Webinar

April 23rd 

The Online Courtroom Project and National Institute for Trial Advocacy "NITA" present COVID, The Courts, and the Future of the Jury Trial, where judges, attorneys, legal scholars, trial consultants, and court administrators from across the country will share their experiences, their research, and their best practices from conducting trials in the last few months.

COVID, The Courts, and the Future of the Jury Trial

Join us for a FREE Online Summit where we will address these questions:


When will jury trials resume in earnest? Will they be in-person with masks and social distancing? Will you be picking a jury on Zoom, but trying your case in court? Or will you be conducting the entire trial online?  


What new skills, technology, procedures, and resources will you need to effectively choose a jury and present your case?  What new court procedures will persist even after the Coronavirus over?  

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